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法例修改 房子好快不是房东啦 是房客的

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Ending a Tenancy:
A Notice to Leave(RTA Form 12) cannot be issued ‘without grounds’.  Form12s can be issued for the following new/updated reasons:
• 290C – Planned demolition or development
• 290D – Significant repair or renovations
• 290E – Change of use
• 290F – Entitlements to student housing ending
• 290G – Owner occupation
• 297B – Serious breach (illegal activity/intentionally or recklessly destroying the property, endangering others on the premises, or interfering significantly with another tenant’s peace, comfort, or privacy)
• S299(4)(g) has been updated – termination for repeated breaches now includes breaches of body corporate by-laws or park rules
• 307A – Tenants can now give notice of intention to leave because of the condition of the premises; within 7 days of taking possession, the tenant can give notice of intention to the lessor because the:
-Premises aren’t fit to live in
-Premises aren’t in good repair
-The lessor is in breach of a law dealing with issues about the health or safety of persons using or entering the premises
-The premises or inclusions do not comply with the prescribed minimum housing standards.
• 307D – Tenant can also give notice of intention to leave due to the lessor’s failure to comply with a QCAT repair order
• 312A – Within the first three months of occupancy, the tenant can make an application for termination because the lessor or lessor’s agent lied to or misled the tenant regarding:
-The condition of the premises or inclusions
-The services provided for the premises
-A matter relating to the premises that is likely to affect the tenant’s quiet enjoyment of the premises(eg:  construction next door)

法例意思是租约到期 房客不走 房东不可以赶
我似乎看到一个漏洞 若租约到期 房客拒绝签新租约 而继续按加租前租金交租
似乎租客可以住到永远 不懂 求专业人士指点